Alison Surgical Centre

Operations at Alison Surgical Centre

Alison Surgical Centre is a day surgery facility in Hamilton, Waikato. Patients will attend for minor/medium size operations ranging in duration from one to three hours and then be discharged home. The type of surgery will predominately be plastic surgical operations such as hand surgery, breast surgery, skin cancer surgery and face surgery.

Typically some operations may be under local anaesthetic with or without sedation and some will require a general anaesthetic. The surgeon will discuss your options with you at the time of your consultation and provide you with information regarding your options.

Should you require a general anaesthetic procedure more information is provided and required, including a health assessment prior to you having the surgery. If you have a general anaesthetic this will be as a day patient, however you will require more time to recover prior to leaving.

Patients who have been given general anaesthetic or sedation will need to arrange for someone to drive them home following surgery.