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We are a private surgical facility in Hamilton providing high quality surgical consultations and surgical procedures, particularly skin cancers. We want our team and the specialists working with us to be able to offer patients appropriate, accessible and affordable care. We seek to do this by passing on the benefits of innovative and bold thinking throughout our business; from planning and purchasing to the delivery of care. We support a smoke free facility and grounds.

Our Facilities -

Covid-19 Levels. Alison Surgical Centre is closed during Level 4. Some urgent appointments will continue, you will be contacted by phone to confirm your appointment. All other appointments are cancelled. At Level 3 Alison Surgical Centre will resume local anaesthetic procedures for skin cancers and lesions that are time sensitive. Other procedures will be delayed until we reach Level 2. We will make contact with patients that have appointments to confirm or postpone appointments. Please call us on 07 560 0535 if you are not sure what is happening to your appointment.
Consulting rooms
Procedure rooms for treatment under local anaesthetic with or without sedation
Operating Rooms for procedures under anaesthetic on a day case basis
Comfortable and private surroundings and amenities, including an indoor garden
Skin Cancer Surgery

Alison Minor Surgery

For many of us, without insurance and unable to get on to a public waiting list there is another option. Alison Minor Surgery in Hamilton provides an alternative to the public waiting lists and private specialist care and at reasonable cost. The surgery is performed by experienced Doctors at a "see and treat on the same day" clinic. This is a fast, convenient and affordable option for you.

Our Doctors at Alison Minor Surgery hold general registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand and they have additional post graduate surgical training and years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This service runs under the oversight of a specialist plastic surgeon. With the emphasis on minor surgery performed under a local anaesthetic - this is an injection around the site of the surgery to make it numb.


66 Alison St, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton 3204, New Zealand, EDI Address: Alison6s

Alison Surgical Centre is located in Hamilton, just off State Highway 1 near Waikato Hospital.

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